Sunday, 29 April 2012

Stacking the Shelves/Showcase Sunday (1)

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga's ReviewsShowcase Sunday is a meme hosted by Books, Biscuits and Tea.
These memes are is a replacement of The Story Siren's In My Mailbox.

Stacking the Shelves and Showcase Sunday make a place to showcase your new books,
whether you obtained them through the post or otherwise.

Due to all of the drama in the book blogosphere this week, and the accusations that the host of In My Mailbox has plagiarised some of her content, I have decided to stop supporting In My Mailbox and instead, I will now be using the Stacking the Shelves and Showcase Sunday memes to showcase my book haul from the past week!

 This week, I received three books in particular that I'm very excited to read because of the fantastic ideas behind them! Those three books are The Glimpse, the extremely long titled The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In a Ship of Her Own Making and the book with awesome title appeal, Adorkable
I also received the first two books in the Goddess Girls series, Athena the Brain and Persephone the Phony as well as Back and Deader than Ever (Monster High 4). I'd also like to say many thanks to the author Allison Rushby for kindly sending me a copy of Shooting Stars.

I bought one book this week as it was on offer for £3 and I needed to see what all of the fuss was about - Fifty Shades of Grey. I should probably have a review of this up either later today or tomorrow. 


  1. Eeeppp!!! Adorkable is so ADORABLE. Awesome haul! :D

    Drop by My Mailbox?

  2. I've had The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairy Land on my wishlist for a while now, so jealous that you have it! :) I'm curious to what you have to say about Fifty Shades of Grey, I've seen it around everywhere lately.

    Happy Reading :)

    Here's my Showcase Sunday post:

  3. Awesome books! especially shooting stars! I've been meaning to read it for a while and it looks cute!!

    - juhina

  4. Awesome books this week!! They all sound awesome :D

    Happy reading and check out my post!!

  5. Aww, Allison was really awesome about her review copies! She's great! But you got a copy of Adorkable, too! Lucky girl!

    Enjoy your books, here are mine:
    Nickey @ The Book Shop Assistant

  6. Ack... Fifty Shades... I have heard such mixed reviews and really want to read it while at the same time... not so much! Let me know what you think!

    Here is this week's Mailbox post

    Also, don't forget to enter the AWESOME giveaway (today is the last day)

    Happy Reading!
    Lindsay @ Turning the Pages

  7. I'm so unsure about whether I want to request THE GLIMPSE from NetGalley - it sounds awesome, but I already have so many books to read. :D
    Lovely bunch of new reads for you this week, so I hope you're going to enjoy them. :)

    Fictional Distraction

  8. I can't wait to start on Adorkable! Hope you enjoy all of your books this week!

  9. I got THE GLIMPSE last week! :D And I hope you enjoy SHOOTING STARS. I really love the cover, but I'm just afraid of the content... Anyway, can't wait to hear what you think of these. :)

    My Showcase Sunday (to replace the IMM meme as well.)

    Enjoy all your books!

  10. I SOOO want to read The Glimpse! I just noticed it's got a similar font to Twilight!

    Also, Adorakable looks so cute!

    Here's my IMM!

    Happy reading!

    -Lexi, the Literature Lion

  11. 50 Shades of Gray is so popular right now! I'll have to check it out! :)

  12. Great haul! Looking forward to the reviews!

    Happy reading! :)

  13. Im excited for The Glimpse, I heard its good. These are great looking books I hope you enjoy all of them, <3

  14. enjoy alll
    eep books eep books

  15. Fifty Shades!! I probably rated that one a lot higher than it deserves (same for the second book), but I do like the series. I still need to read the last one though. :)

    Here's Mine @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

  16. I really want to read Glimpse badly. Fifty Shades is REALLY popular right now. I have that one on my Nook to read. Happy reading :) Hope you'll drop by and check out my STS post.

  17. Seeing Fifty Shades of Gray a lot as well! My sister is actually reading it. Will see what she says I guess. But I already have enough books to read! It's insane!

    Here's my Stacking the Shelves

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  18. So many people are talking about Fifty Shades of Grey so I'm hoping to pick it up soon! I hope you enjoy everything you got this week! Here's my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  19. Woah you got some fab goodies this week. I got Fifty shades of grey too.

    New follower

    Showcase Sunday

  20. The Glimpse and Shooting Stars look really good! I keep seeing these two and I like the sound of both so I might as well buy them :)

    Thanks so much for linking up and for taking part in Showcase Sunday!

    Happy reading,
    Vicky (:
    Books, Biscuits, and Tea

  21. Great haul. I bought fifty shades of grey too. I love your blog so new follower here :D

    Showcase Sunday

  22. ooh I want to read Glimpse and look forward to your review of it. This was a great week for you..enjoy them all! You can read my news on The Sunday Post

  23. Great books this week! I have Shooting Stars on my Kindle and I can't wait to read it. Adorkable looks so cute too, I'm really excited about it! Happy reading :).

  24. Looks like you received some good books this week although I haven't heard too much about them. Hope you enjoy your new reads :)

  25. Looks like you had a yummy week!!

    Thanks for sharing,

  26. I'm still wary of picking up Fifty Shades...I won it a long time ago back when no one even knew about it...but now O_O I'm scared to even pick it up!

    I also have shooting Stars!! Won it a couple of weeks ago :D
    Happy Reading.

    Because of all that happened this week I also decided to stop doing the IMM and had been looking for another way to show the new books that I got so finally yesterday I found out about Stacking The Shelves...I'll have it up tonight or tomorrow :D

  27. Are those the UK covers for the Goddess Girls' series? They are ADORABLE! I own all the books so far with the US covers but I'm starting to feel the need to collect the UK ones!!!

    Oh, and Glimpse sounds really good, I kind of love the cover :D

    And I'm gonna do Sunday Shut Out from now on instead of IMM. I never linked my IMM to to the person running that meme, but I rather cut all ties to it, anyway.


  28. I got The Glimpse from NetGalley too! I can't wait to read it!

    Here's my post ~ My Week in Books!

    Happy reading!

    Megan @ The Girly Bookworm (new follower!)

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