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For your ease, here is a list of blog tours that have stopped by my blog:

A Lie For A Lie Blog Tour
Book review

Ink Blog Tour
Guest post and playlist from the author 

The Day I Met Suzie Blog Tour
Guest post from the author

Heroic Blog Tour
Guest post from the author

Deadlands Blog Tour
Playlist from the author(s)

Grace Grows Blog Tour
Guest post from the author

Speechless Blog Tour
Q&A with the author

Born Wicked Blog Tour
Playlist from the author

Dance of Shadows Blog Tour
Guest post from the author

North of Nowhere Blog Tour 
Guest post from the author

The Love Hurts Blog Tour
Guest post from two authors (Webber and Donovan)

Irresistible Blog Tour
Guest post from the author

Losing Agir Blog Tour
Exclusive extract from the book

The Secret Supper Club
Guest post from the author

Shadows Blog Tour
Guest post from the author

Breathe Blog Tour
Q & A with the author, extract and giveaway

Neptune's Tears Blog Tour
Guest post from the author

The House on Willow Street Blog Tour
Guest post from the author

Rage Within Blog Tour
Interview with the author

Snow Day/Snow Child Blog Tour
Guest post from the author

Debutantes Blog Tour
Bookshelf post from the author

Hav3n Blog Tour
Guest post from the author and giveaway

Guest post from the author

An extract from the book

Guest post from the author, review of Masquerade and giveaway

Guest post from the author and review

I am always open to participating in blog tours.
If you would like your blog tour to stop by this blog, please send me an e-mail with the details!


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